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Steel Target - Military...


Steel Target Sniper  Round GONG 35cm made of AR500 Steel in 15mm. Recommended for precision shooting, sniper rifle training and long range weapons at the shooting range. Our Steel Targets are tested by military in extreme conditions. 

This metal shooting target one GONG, connected by chains that allow efficient training for the long distance shooter. The best military sniper shooting training available at the market with an unbeatable price. Also for use for police tactical training and hostage treats. Suitable for IPSC Training too

The package contains: 

1X GONG 35cm 
      - Manufactured from AR500 Steel
      - Thickness: 15mm
      - Red, white or black colour. Choose your colour.

      - Length 50cm

       - Made of steel. 

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Bundle Pack - Steel Target...

From €165.25

Shooting steel AR450 silhouette showing IPSC-IDPA USPSA torso shape, scaled down to 66%. Ideal for tactical, police training and multitasking. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, even in low visibility conditions.

Multipurpose, also compatible with airsoft training. Usable on both sides. Used at military forces and police for practical and defensive shooting training.

This product contains: 
1x Steel Target "IPSC TARGET 66%" - AR450 - AR500 - 10mm
1x Support Steel Target
1x Base "The Claw" 
1x Wooden Mast

Madwolf Targets online store ships targets to all over Europe. Made in Spain

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