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  • Weight: 25kg - 30kg

Bundle Pack - Steel Target...

From €214.83

This AR450 or AR500 steel target allows to train your tactical and instinctive shooting skills in a more efficient way. This shooting silhouette made of steel simulates a threat with a hostage which is a difficult situation for the police and military forces. Be prepared with the best equipment! Its bullet-proof hardened AR450 AR500 steel makes this target virtually indestructible.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, we can ship anywhere in Europe. All products made of AR450 - AR500 hardened steel metal shooting targets are precision laser cut and spray painted

This package contains: 

1x Steel Target - Silhouette Human Torso - Material : AR450 . Thickness : 10mm
1x Reactive Tap - Round -

1X Support "Steel Target"
1x Base "The Claw"
1x Wooden Mast

Made in Spain. Europe shipping !

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Steel Target Plate - IPSC...

From €82.60

Shooting Steel Target plate made of AR450 or AR500. This silhouette shows IPSC IDPA USPSA torso shape, scaled down to 66%. For use at tactical training, police training and military training. Usefull on both sides. Warranted 

This product contains: 
1x Steel Target "IPSC TARGET 66% Plate" - AR450 - AR500 10mm.

      Size: 50 x 30 cm / 20 x 10 "pulgadas 
      Material: Acero AR450 or AR500  Thickness 10mm.

Designed and made in Spain. 
Europe shipping and worldwide 
Customizable on AR500 Steel and different sizes.

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