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Practice shooting with Madwolf targets. For a precision shooting operator, competitive or recreational shooting is essential training with silhouettes and quality shooting targets. Our shooting equipment offers the highest quality at the best price. Possibility of being used by CQB shooting operators with short and long guns.
Realistic, police, precision and tactical targets. Professional quality. Shooting range, customized paper targets

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  • Weight: 2kg - 3kg

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Police shooting target. ISIS Jihadist terrorist with knife in threatening attitude. The security forces and military corps are confronted on a daily basis with situations that require skill in the use of firearms.

The Madwolf Targets instinctive shooting silhouettes are designed to simulate real situations of terrorist attacks with knives, vehicles driving over pedestrians or immolation, in which could get involved Police, Gendarmerie, Military Forces

High resolution shooting silhouette, quality paper with illustration of a  Jihadist Terrorist of Islamic State with knife.
Paper Shooting target for training, with no scoring zones or markers. 
A target for a more realistic shot, because in the street the "bad guys" don't have a marked target on their chest.
Target for police shooting on gray background for long range reconnaissance.
Perfect for indoor use in shooting gallery in low light and outdoor conditions
Multi-purpose target for use with real firearms and airsoft
Excellent visibility with large caliber weapons.
Designed in Malaga. Made in Spain. 
Measurements: 84 x 59 cm and 33 x 23 "inches
If you would like to personalize this silhouette, please contact us at
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