Every professional and shooter has his needs and at MADWOLF TARGETS we care about satisfying the customer. Would you like to buy a product but want to add a new utility? Would you like to include your association logos , club or armory? Do you teach or organize a training course and need to modify the shooting targets you will use?  At MADWOLF TARGETS, we put our design and R&D team at your disposal to implement your ideas or projects.

   Both metallic and paper shooting targets can be customized with the specifications or functionalities you are looking for. You can select any product from the catalogue and let us know your requirements. We will respond to your email as soon as possible with the feasibility of the project and approximate cost.

   Steel Targets can be customized measurements, shape, thickness, and upgrade the ballistic steel grade  using AR450, AR500, or AR550.  For paper targets , we have a powerfull graphic design team that can make any modification to the existing targets, or even create new products that fit your training needs.

To make use of this service, please note the following requirements: 

    A) In metal shooting targets, we need details of dimensions, shape and characteristics (thickness, material... etc.) or we can also accept files in Autocad, Freecad, or similar format *. DWG or similar to be converted.

    B) The minimum order in metal shooting targets will depend on the project ordered, there is a minimum order between 1 and 10 units (not free shipping). 

    C) On paper shooting targets the minimum units are packs of 500,750,1000 units or more (free shipping).

    D) To get the best quality, in any logo that will be added to the design is recommended to be vectored or .jpg or .png with high quality.

    E) Time of elaboration: Depends on the difficulty of the project, estimating an approximate time of 7 days (excluding shipping time)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at: