All our metal targets, metal silhouettes and custom metal targets are made from AR450 and AR500 hardened steel resistant to bullet impacts.

  At Madwolf targets we try to offer our customers the best products at the best price. In terms of metallic targets, we use ballistic steel AR450, AR500 or even AR550. The thickness will vary depending on the ammunition to be used, generally our targets are 10 mm and 15 mm thick (specified in the product data sheet). With AR450 and AR500 hardened steel we guarantee a high durability and safety in your workouts.

  Our R & D team test all our targets with diverse caliber guns at different distances to get a final product that reaches the highest quality standards required in tactical shooting, practical shooting, police shooting or military shooting. The Madwolf Targets experienced team is available to satisfy any need or requirement of our clients providing a personalized attention and an individualized service.

AR450 10mm Shooting Test 
Ammo: .308 FMJ - 5,56x45 M193 (OTAN) - .222 REM - 7,62x39mm - 9mm PB

Security recommendations for responsible use of metal targets (Steel Targets) :

  The metal shooting targets made of AR450, AR500 or AR550 high strength hardened steel offer us numerous advantages over other types of shooting targets such as paper shooting targets. Instant feedback is achieved through the "CLONK" metallic sound produced by the impact of the projectile and helps to improve speed, accuracy and reflexes during tactical, police or military firing practices. This sound feedback helps to identify and retain the movements made in the shooting technique. 

   Metal targets for shooting (Steel Targets) should not be used as toys, so it is advisable to take extreme safety measures because of the risk involved in their use. Please note that AR450 AR500 steel bullet impacts cause the projectiles to bounce back and their derivatives such as splinters can reach the operator depending on the distance at which it is positioned.

    Steel Targets provide more efficient, dynamic training
. Our metal shooting silhouettes have been intensively tested with firearms of the following calibres: 

-Shotgun at 10 meters with different cartridges of posts and weights
-Rifle 100 meters away (. 308WIN,. 222,5,56x45 NATO, 7,62X39,7,62x51).
-Gun at a distance of 10 meters (9x19mm calibres; 38 special).

    In our Steel Targets catalogue we have the most suitable for your training plans. If you have a specific shooting training routine or need a customized metal target, both paper and metallic, with your company logo or event, please contact our experienced design and R&D team to materialize your ideas.