Company dedicated to the manufacture, design and production of Steel shooting targets and paper targets.

  MADWOLF TARGETS is a company dedicated to the design, production and sale of shooting targets for training with real firearms, airgun or airsoft. This company was founded in 2016 with the aim of satisfying the needs of our professional and sporting customers, who demanded quality products dedicated to tactical, military and police shooting training, we also want to meet the requirements of our customers in all aspects of the shooting range training. After our walk with direct trade bussines, we launched our new online store of silhouettes and shooting targets to reach all potential customers who demand quality shooting products at a cheap price
  Our main priority is to serve professionals like us and lovers of the firearms sector. We strive to improve and innovate, and focus all our resources on identifying the shooting equipment needs of our potential customers. That is why our R&D department is in continuous development of innovative products that satisfy the needs of a growing firearms sector
  MADWOLF TARGETS Customers represents all EU member countries as well as outside Europe. Our export capacity covers any country in the world. If you wish to import our products, MADWOLF TARGETS make shipments to Europe and any part of the world. Please contact us to get the best shipping price to your home address. 
  Our staff is prepared to solve any question or doubt you may have about our products or the project you have in mind and want to develop. We have the skills and tools you need to make your weapons training routines satisfying by putting our experience and talent at your service to create target and shooting targets tailored to your specific needs.  If you can imagine it, MADWOLF TARGETS can make it happen.


Paper Shooting silhouettes and Metallic Steel Targets for Tactical, Police , Military shooting training and IPSC courses competitive training

  Our premises are a quality, exceptional and personalized customer service, all with a fair price.  Customer service and R&D department wants that any user or customer of our products or website have a positive experience. To do this, we surround ourselves with the best professionals in the sector, who work side by side with us and advise us on the development of new products.
   This is why we have sports advisors and professionals (police and military), shooting instructors, shooting operators and various members of the Security Forces and Corps, who help us to develop them by doing extensive testing of them and create new shooting products according to the customer and market needs.


    We collaborate with the Portuguese army and the Spanish military, as well as with renowned shooting instructors all over Europe in the development of our products and in the training of the security forces. We also count on the collaboration of sports shooters in the development of our range of IPSC® course products.

Tiro Práctico Defensivo

G.O.A. Tactical


  We are present at the most important trade fairs offering our products and services. We innovate and export our shooting targets to customers of all Europe and Worldwide.