At MADWOLF TARGETS, we give great importance to the professionals in the sector, and we have therefore launched a catalogue for professionals with exclusive advantages. In addition to the discounts applied to the Catalogue for professionals, MADWOLF TARGETS will provide you with a more personalized treatment. The advantages that you will be able to achieve thanks to this are: 
- Customization option: Do you need your silhouettes/targets to be customized? Are you a member of a club, shooting range, security corps or association and want your brand or logo to appear on the silhouettes/targets? Contact with us.

    If you have specific needs for your training program, business, partnership or corporation, we are the right people to meet your expectations. We can solve any need you wish to include in your range of shooting training equipment. This includes both paper and metal shooting targets. We will make use of the design tools at our disposal to create your customized product.

- Quality at the best price: We adjust our catalogue prices when it comes to professionals, or customized products. Contact us, we have the most competitive prices in the market. We create quality products at a contained price.

- Training support: MADWOLF TARGETS is fully committed to tactical training, police, military and competition shooting. If you are thinking of taking courses or teaching them as instructor or operator, please contact us.

- Free shipping costs: Depending on the entity of the order we can offer freight free of charge

- You will be in direct contact with our R&D and design department: Each client has its peculiarities, and if we talk about tactical shooting or competition with even more reasons. With the advantages for professionals you will be able to get in touch with our team, and give life to their projects. We materialize your ideas.
  We have a sample lot of 8 silhouettes for professional clients, at the price of 8 euros + VAT (carriage not included), please contact us.  E-mail: